Sinsational Smile

Sinsational Whitening Clifton NJ DentistWe are now featuring a new whitening system, SINSATIONAL SMILE. It is normally $199. We now have a special promotional fee of $149. 

Most whitening systems take up to an hour of chair time with placement of cotton rolls and desensitizing gel. With Sinsational Smile, we use a patented prefilled comfortable, silicone tray and the chair time is only 20 minutes. Our patients experience little or no sensitivity which is not the case with other whitening systems. 

Dentist-Clifton-NJ-Dena-Constandelis-Sinsational-Smile-Whitening-PenAs part of the procedure, a take home kit containing a pre-filled maintenance pen will help enhance yourSINSATIONAL SMILE. By turning the tip of the pen clockwise, a small amount of the whitening gel is dispensed. The gel is then brushed onto the teeth. The original tray is then inserted into the mouth. Depending on the amount of gel used, the pen should last up to a month. 

It is recommended by SINSATIONAL SMILE that whitening be performed after the patient’s regularly scheduled dental cleaning visit. The full effect should last six months.